Our Story

It's time to give your bedroom the attention it needs!
I’m Rose - founder of Jaro Bedding - I came to Ottawa just about almost 2 years ago, right before the pandemic hit…unfortunately. Since then, I spent most of the time at home because of the lockdown, haven’t had a chance to travel and make new friends.
During the winter, I started feeling extremely depressed during the winter (I think you all understand) and questioning myself what I am even doing here in Canada. After talking to families and friends, they all suggested me try to bring the good vibe into my place, like some funny and colorful interiors and accessories. “Getting a new bedding set” was the first thing came into my mind because it is affordable and easy to change. Plus, I spent a large amount of time laying in bed and watching films anyway so a new bedding set will instantly affect to my mood.
However, I couldn’t find anything that catch my eyes here in Canada. Since my family have a small factory in Vietnam, I decided to make some sets with the designs that I love and send them over. The funny thing was that some of my friends and relatives here in Ottawa, after seeing those new bedding sets, asked if they can buy or order from me.
That was when Jaro Bedding came to life, with a statement: “With Jaro, sleeping has never been so beautiful before. East or West, our bedsheet is the best!”. Since March, we have been working tirelessly to constantly bring out more and more designs and deliver these gorgeous beddings sets to hundreds of customers’ doors in Ottawa area.
Jaro Bedding still has a long way to grow. So any supports that help spreading the word are much appreciate!